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Golfbaza®.ru is created to help all golfers sell or buy new or used golf equipment. Shop for great deals on new and used gear, or list your gear for sale in minutes!

Build your Reputation

Quickly communicate with buyers using our chat feature and ship on time to earn positive feedback and rating of the item. Your reputation will depend on the ratings of each item you sold.

How it Works (Selling)

Our website is responsive so you can buy any gears for golf quickly from any device.

Create Account

Create your account in minutes to control all your sales and monitor your deals. We recommend starting a store if you are a company that sells golf equipment. Contact us for help.

Post your Ad

Take some photos and add some details to the item description and start selling your gear to all golfers. Try to be specific and detailed in your description to attract more customers.

Get Offers

Communicate with customers via website's chat or in any other way that you specified in your contact information. Do not ship your items until full payment has been received.

Ship Your Item

Once your item is sold, pay close attention to the packaging of your item and ship it to the customer! Remember to insure your shipment to avoid claims for damaged equipment.

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How it Works (Buying)

Our website is responsive so you can list your gears quickly from any device.

Make offer

Buy the item instantly, or start a negotiation by making the seller an offer via chat. Use this feature to communicate directly with sellers. Try to receive all answers for all your questions before deal.

Pay for the item

Pay for the goods and tell the seller your exact delivery address correctly. Before paying, try to get as much information as possible about the product and the seller to avoid being cheated.

Rate the item

After receiving the product, carefully examine it and assess its compliance with the description on the website. If the product is fully consistent with it, rate it. It will help other visitors to make a decision.


It would be great if you could share your golbazar.ru shopping experience with your friends. This will help us reach more golfers to sell their products and make the portal more attractive to everyone.

Customers Say About Us

Alexander Suslov

Golf Review

I like to buy the golf-related gears on golfbazar.ru. I paid for it using my bank transfer and all is always fine with it. The seller sent the clubs in a day and customer support was super helpful. Highly recommended!

Michail Rozhkin


I am just taking my first steps in golf, so I think that expensive golf clubs are not for me, so golfbazar.ru is my choice. I called them and they recommended the model for me and where to buy. Call them!

Irina Kunceva


Recently I purchased the cap here and very nice gloves. Golfbazar.ru guys recommended me a reliable store so I did not spend too much time for the search of a seller. All was fine with the purchase.